About Jim

Nashville Business Journal calls him the "billion-dollar repairman."


Jim Patton is founder and senior managing partner of KPAC Solutions, a private equity firm that acquires distressed manufacturers and turns them into profitable manufacturing powerhouses. Many have been ailing subsidiaries of Fortune-1000 firms that, in the hands of Jim and his team, become world leaders in their industries.

Jim is an experienced negotiator, senior investor and founder of many acquisitions involving distressed manufacturers, distributors and construction companies on a global scale. Negotiations have involved comprehensive acquisition agreements, including long-term post-closing production agreements.

Turning around distressed companies is not only Jim's profession, but it's also a metaphor for his life.

His book, Life in the Turn Lane, tells his remarkable story and what he has learned from the turns.

Jim started out as a heating and air conditioning repairman, but was fired less than a year later. Since vocational training was his only "higher education", he schooled himself in business by reading The Wall Street Journal cover to cover for a decade before taking on his first major acquisition. After losing everything in the deal, Jim learned from his mistakes, got a second chance and hit upon a successful venture that eventually catapulted him into an international career and financial independence.

Now one of The Wall Street Journal's star endorsers, Jim shares his wisdom and experience in settings ranging from civic clubs, to youth organizations, to churches. He lives in Franklin, Tennessee, just south of Nashville, with Melissa, his wife. Jim's son, Spencer, is following his father's successful business path as a very successful businessman.

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