Jim's Beliefs - Make a You Turn

I give our Lord Jesus all the Praise, Glory and Honor for all of my successes.


By far, my biggest turning point was discovering that God loves me and has a plan for my life. The Lord did not always answer my prayers in the way I hoped, but He always did what was best for me. Some of you may conclude the positive turning points I experienced were coincidences of lucky breaks, but I know better. As I look back on my life so far, I perceive how many seemingly unrelated experiences were woven together in God's perfect design and timing.

Whatever professional success I've enjoyed pales in comparison to the joy of knowing Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord, and to Him I give all the thanks, honor, and glory.

If you are going in the wrong direction spiritually and realize you need to make a "you turn", it's important to know what it takes to get re-started in the right direction.


A Step of Faith

A is for Available
I is for Impossible
T is for Turn
H is for Heaven and How