Life in the Turn Lane

Turn Little Thinking into Big Ideas


Jim Patton thought he was dreaming big. His first "life-long" financial goal was to make $20 an hour. But latent business savvy, his Wall Street Journal "education", and God's plan for his career intervened, and now he makes more than that every minute.

On his way to managing mergers and acquisitions for billion-dollar companies, Patton discovered how to navigate the curves that otherwise turn hopes into fears and dreams into nightmares. He learned mostly the hard way - getting fired from his first job, losing everything in a major acquisition, and watching a partner walk away with profits that should have been his - but through Life in the Turn Lane, he shares priceless lessons so you can move ahead less painfully than he did.

Patton recounts how he educated himself by reading The Wall Street Journal - a publication that he thought, when he first heard of it, was a book. He learned to revitalize failing subsidiaries of Fortune 1000 companies and make them profitable, and now, turning around companies nobody wants is his profession - and a metaphor for his life.

In Life in the Turn Lane, Jim highlights his story with practical and poignant ideas you can use to build your own success story:

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